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Set I

Lo que vendrá - Astor Piazzolla
Avido - Pedro Giraudo
Mariposita - Anselmo Aitea
Con un nudo - Pedro Giraudo
Desencuentro - Anibal Troilo
La muerte del Angel - Astor Piazzolla

Set II
Verano Porteño - Astor Piazzolla
Con Creces - Pedro Giraudo
Afiches - Atilio Stampone
Chicharrita - Pedro Giraudo
Volver - Carlos Gardel
Canaro en París - Scarpino & Caldarella



Nicolás Danielson, violin

Rodolfo Zanetti, bandoneón

Ahmed Alom, piano

Pedro Giraudo, bass


Guest: Sofía Tosello, vocals

Pedro Giraudo
Sofía Tosello

Latin GRAMMY Award winner Pedro Giraudo Tango Quartet represents the evolution of tango, from its roots in the traditional Orquesta típica, then to tango nuevo as epitomized by Astor Piazzolla, and now to a contemporary sound that respects the past and looks to the future.  Pedro Giraudo, who has become an active cultural ambassador of this beautiful and passionate music of his native Argentina, brings something new and exciting to the form while retaining all the lushness and beauty of tango.


After two decades performing with the most important interpreters of tango, Pedro Giraudo debuted his own Tango Orchestra at Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night Swing and since then has become one of the most compelling tango artists worldwide. Among the many noteworthy events in Pedro Giraudo’s career, in 2014 Pedro recorded bass on Ruben Blades’ CD “Tangos”, which won a Grammy and a Latin Grammy. 


Sofia Tosello sang her first professional concert at the age of 8 in her hometown of Córdoba in the heart of Argentina. Tango, the best-known music of her homeland, has always been a part of her musical life. Tosello’s voice captures the soul of tango, tart and wistful, hopeful and sad, quiet and soaring. Respectful of tradition and innovative in technique, it will thrill her fans while introducing new listeners to a singer known for expressing deep feeling and connecting emotionally with her audience.


Tosello moved to New York in 1999, and has performed in tango shows and concerts, singing in Recuerdo Tango and Tango Connections: A Love Story by Mariela Franganillo and touring internationally with Polly Ferman’s Glamour Tango. Even as she releases and tours Lluvia Fue, Tosello continues to collaborate with artists such as Franco Pinna, Pedro Giraudo, in addition to Júarez.

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